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Quality & safety

At KLA Construction Technologies Pvt. Ltd., quality is more than a system. It’s a culture that permeates the length and breadth of our organization. Consequently, the quality assurance department does not implement a system, but maintain this culture.

Our company is driven by the passion to provide the best. In keeping with our objective to “Build Better’, we take every possible measure. For instance, to keep a constant and quick check on the work standard on the sites, we maintain a site lab facility.

We also believe that a well-trained and motivated employee base is a fundamental aspect of the business. With over 200 highly-qualified engineers and MBAs, the team KLA is all-prepared to take on challenging projects. We feel that it’s the responsibility of the management to nurture the knowledge and skills of the employees through regular technical seminars and training.

The experience earned over the years by our management team enables us to take quick decisions at the right time thereby ensuring to meet the committed timelines and quality.

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